When it comes to ensuring continuous growth for a company,
keeping abreast with latest trends and technologies holds a major say.

When it comes to ensuring continuous growth for a company, keeping abreast with latest trends and technologies holds a major say. Especially, the need to upgrade as per technology advancements becomes even more essential for a web design and development company, for obvious reasons.
Hence, living up to the expectations of our clients, we at Agile Continental give utmost importance to:
  • Client SideTechnology
  • Server SideTechnology
  • DatabaseTechnology
By using latest tools and trends for each of these technologies, we are committed to make the web development and designing efforts quicker, efficient and more cost-competitive for our clients. Here is a brief description of the techniques that we use at our end to attain our targets and execute the deliverables as per intended.
Developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), CSS is the best web language to enhance the appearance of a web page. The designers use it to style the documents of markup languages like HTML, XHTML and more. So far, W3C has approved three CSS versions, which include CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3; the latter being the latest one. At Agile, we leverage the most recent version to transform the look and feel of your websites.

This scripting language is widely preferred to code functions from HTML pages and link them with the Document Object Model (DOM) of the page. It is useful in allowing the objects, the programmatic access, in the client application. Also termed as JScript, it ensures due security and compatibility of the web pages hosted on the client side. Needless to say, our designers use the most upgraded Jscript Version.

One of the oldest and widely used markup languages, HTML finds religious use in the creation of structured documents. It makes the page interactive by adding images, headings, lists, etc. at appropriate locations. Leveraging the most upgraded version of HTML helps us to infuse more quality and appeal in the web page designing.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is yet another prominent scripting language that a majority of coders prefer for web development. It is the best to create dynamic content, client side GUI applications and for command line scripting. The language shifts the data from a text file and delivers HTML coding as a result. We keep pace with the upgraded version of PHP to deliver the best web applications and sites every time to fulfill the clients’ need.

Based on SQL, MySQL finds heavy use in data storage during website development. With the help of this widely embraced open source relational database management system, the developers can add, alter and eliminate the data from the created database. It is also worth using while creating dynamic web pages. Our professionals hold adept expertise in using MySQL for their respective tasks.

A web framework is created and designed to support the process of developing web applications and related web services. It comprises a set of web resources and tools that help web developers to develop and manage web applications, resources and websites. It provides a standard way for programmers to develop and deploy the web applications seamlessly. In addition, it also helps to automate the overhead associated with usual activities performed during web development process.

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the online sale and purchase of products. Due to the online nature of the ecommerce market, it enables sellers to offer their products to a global clientele through their ecommerce stores. Likewise, for customers, the whole world is their oyster with this shopping platform. With its rapidly growing importance web development companies are also upfront in developing ecommerce portals by leveraging advance web development technologies.