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Our graphic design department can provide you with brand development, logo design, brochure design, and more


We offer custom tailored content management, e-commerce, and mobile app development


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We are experts at responsive web design, iOS mobile app development, and Android mobile app development


SEO, SEM, social media, and email marketing are a few of our Internet marketing specialties

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Development Methodology

Our development process provides the framework you need to ensure that
your project is on time and on budget

  • Planning

    Our planning process is first to create an intellectual framework respective to our clients’ need in order to be well prepared ourselves that we are about to make the right applications or products for clients. Here is our project manager works closely with our designers and developers, drafting thorough documentations, collecting necessary data and ranalyzing it to help the framework ready as per need. Let’s have a look at five important planning steps:

    -Requirements Analysis

    -Information Architecture

    -Contracts, Copyrights & financial

    -Hosting server compatibly & credibility

    -Technology and Resources

  • Design

    After the planning step, we are about to work on design part where we make the visual concept, style, colors, and additional visual elements – all as per the requirements. You are provided to work on approved several modes of visual representation of one or several screens. On completion of the design step, the project should more or less have taken shape.

    -Wireframe & Design Concepts

    -Design visual mockups

    -Review & approval cycle

    -Coding validation

  • Development

    Development consists of huge programming & coding work of developers, as well as placement of the content. In this development step, the project is divided into many different required segments as the developed coding is being tested and revised accordingly. With each moving step ahead, features can be added or improved depending on the client feedback and tested until it gets fully functional.

    -To build development framework

    -To code page templates

    -To develop & test the built features

    -To insert content

    -To test and verify all links & functionality

    -Admin Panel Setting up

  • Launch

    Launch by client or their senior team members for final correction and necessary amendment. He / she seeks to improve in the project website.


    -Push to the Production Environment

    -Site improvements

    -Transfer to live server

    -Final testing & diagnostics

    -Final cross-browser & responsive checkingIn this phase, we are about to launch the project in order to get it reviewed and checked

  • Testing

    In this phase, our quality analyst& coding experts review and test all features and functions thoroughly. This ensures that everything is working in perfect manner as per client’s requirement.

    -Site improvements

    -Final testing & diagnostics 

    -Final cross-browser & responsive checking

  • Maintenance

    Even after launching or delivering the project website live on the server, the development task of your website is not finished yet. Further succeeding your business online, many times you need to update your website with necessary resources or content regarding your offered services or products, and also sometime to make changes in design to fulfill your business needs. We always stay with you and keep working to support and maintain your business website every possible way.

    -To maintain the website health

    -To fix and resolve any sudden bug & major issues

    -To make changes & update as per client request

    -Being ready 24x7 to support for your queries

10+ years







  • Scott Spaid
    The team at Agile are passionate, wonderful people. Experts at what they do, we have been very satisfied with the results we have received over the past 3 years. They have been integral partners helping us develop a wide array of complicated projects and we look forward to many more years of working together.
    Scott Spaid
  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Sonika, Jaskamal, and Vipan are easy to work with; they are friendly, and cooperative. Will defiantly recommend them to any one.
  • Anthony Deloren
    Excellent communication and the ability to multi-task to get the project completed in reasonable time. Problems along the way where dealt with very efficiently. A highly recommended and talented professional.
  • Franklin Boots
    Jaskamal has been an exceptional contract programmer, extremely productive and very consistent with his software delivery commitments. We have also been very satisfied with the quality of the software written with minimal software issues or followup support needed. He has shown complete competence in building software applications using the LAMP open source website stack using the Symfony PHP software framework. Kamal has built up our website from a minimal database application to a fully functional scientific website ready for customer usage. Job well done!


July 4, 2018
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May 30, 2018

Agile Work Featured in BBC News for invented An Incredible Auto-Translate AI Product of Odle

We are very much delighted to announce that one of our client’s created product has been featured and appreciated by BBC News. And also has been broadcasted live in the BBC News Room with the Owner of Odle. Here is brief description What is ODLE: Odle is the world’s first real-time auto translation app which help anybody who speaks a different language and wanted to communicate with different language people. […]