The Best PHP Frameworks to Build Awesome Websites

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When you have taken up the task of creating websites, it is essential to have a foolproof structure to build on. To build a high-quality website, the basic structure of the code needs to be strong. A framework provides support in creating codes that build responsive websites.

PHP is one of the most used web development language to build websites. If you are planning to use PHP, then choosing the right framework PHP is as essential as the language itself. Selecting a PHP framework helps to streamline the process and avoid many unnecessary problems that may crop up.

To help you choose, here are some of the best PHP frameworks that smoothen out the process of creating a website.


Phalcon framework was written in both C and C++. Since it is delivered as a C-extension, it is not necessary to code in C; you can code in PHP itself. Phalcon offers optimized performance in a high-speed website.

If you are looking to create a website with speed, then Phalcon should be the first option. Developed to create high-speed websites, it also cuts down memory consumption and offers auto loading, advanced router power, high security and asset management.


Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks used, with instant hosting platform. It organizes files and codes through its MVC platform. Laravel boasts a strong encryption and allows for the implementation of innovative ideas through its host of varied functionality.

It has a simple script for the developers to work on easily and in case of any doubts, you can go to the official website and find answers to all your questions. Laravel has a big knowledge database with all tutorials and guides to help you through the process.

php framworks india


Yii 2:

A rewrite of the Yii, Yii 2 is modern and flexible and has the potential to increase the speed of the website. It increases the performance of the website by using a lazy load technique by which the initialized objects are not called unless they are needed. It has well-packed security and powers through constant maintenance.

One of the drawbacks is that, it doesn’t have built-in allowances, hence you need to self-organize all the codes, else it will prove to be challenging in the later times.

Symfony 2,3:

Symfony 2, 3 offers excellent stability and good levels of security and support. Symfony 2, 3 has great documentation that helps the developers to go through and learn. But on the other hand, the learning process itself can look tougher with all the elements like Models, Routers, Entities and Controllers.

But once learned, Symfony 2, 3 can be great to create websites for those who have knowledge of both PHP and HTML. It is made up of reusable PHP components and provides flexibility to the website development.

Choosing a PHP framework can go a long way in improving and optimizing the process of the web development. With these wide picks of PHP frameworks, you can research and choose the one that complements your skills and is comfortable to work with. Agile Continental is always ready to help and support you for any kind of web development needs, contact us today.