Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Encourage higher sales through conversion rate optimization services at Agile Continental

Conversion rate optimization removes assumptions and scientifically guarantees that the highest percentage of visitors hit the landing page and eventually boosts the conversion. It studies the data/feedback provided by the previous website visitors and lets us experiment and implement successful design. Based on the recorded data i.e. actions taken by the previous visitors, an optimal path from the landing to the sales page is formulated.

Agile Continental can help your business bring in unique users and increase customer lifetime value with our conversion optimization services. Our expert digital marketing professionals hold adept knowledge of the trends prevalent in the internet world. Evidently, they know how to utilize these trends for the betterment of your business.

Advantages of conversion rate optimization

It is almost mandatory for any business wishing to increase productivity and conversion. Here are a few added advantages:

Increased sales revenues and profits

Reduced the customer acquisition cost

Improved User Experience

Helps to understand the customers better

Leverages current website traffic

Increases your customer lifetime value

Makes paid advertising more effective

Helps capture stronger leads

Website become more valuable to affiliates

Cost effective

Provides edge against the competition

Separates a thriving business from a mediocre one

Conversion rate optimization services at Agile Continental

In order to achieve the highest conversion rate attainable, we ensure that the following variables remain perfect:

Keywords research

Web Usability Testing

Landing Page Design

Analytics Tracking

Heat map and click tracking

Navigation Structure

Page Layout and Content


Calls to Action


Offers / Coupons

Regular A/B testing

Conversion rate optimization relies on the results of vigorous combinations of testing.You will be able to determine the tested and effective location of images, headlines, promotions etc. It requires time, patience and experimentation. But eventually it will churn out a website free of leeks and increasingly successful. Attracting visitors to your website through successful marketing campaigns is only half the job done. With our conversion rate optimization services, we can help you convert the visitors into customers and increase your sales. So don’t wait, CONTACT US NOW!