Intro to CMS development

CMS Development at Agile Continental helps you manage your website like a cakewalk

CMS or content management system is the software used for creating and managing digital content. It is used for the management of enterprise content as well as the web content. Enterprise content facilitates the collaboration by managing the integral document, digital asset and records. Likewise, web content facilitates the collaboration of authorities websites. Agile gives you the best of both these worlds, with its capable CMS development services

Why CMS development?

In the present environmental era, it is essential to have an online presence for businesses. Content management gives organizations an optimal way to boost their online presence hence making them competent to meet their goals. Here are some more reasons to choose CMS development:

Gives the users complete control of the content

Ensure simple and convenient content authoring

Easy to use, without requiring any prior technical knowhow

Easy streamlining

Advanced web based administration

Search engine friendly content

Minimal development cost and time consumption

Freedom from software installation, upgrades and maintenance

Flexible, Secure and modular architecture

Simple and user-friendly interface

CMS development at Agile

We offer smart development and customization of CMS services with experience over the user centered CMS development. We create superior content management system for your e-commerce business, including the user-friendly blogs, which give you a better brand coverage. With our services, you can ensure efficient content management and maintenance for your website. Here are some more reasons to prefer our CMS development services to others:

Understand your business needs and suggest befitting solution accordingly

Possess dedicated team for individual CMS development platforms

Industry best developers with adept experience in their respective field

Quality driven, industry specific and user-centric solutions

Committed to meet the deadlines without compromising on quality

Accomplished backend support with excellent communication

Platform exposure

With a dedicated team of expert developers and designers, we can work on the most sought after open-source CMS platforms including:









Our CMS development services

Some of our core custom CMS development solutions comprise:

CMS development for website

Enterprise CMS development

CMS Development for B2C and B2B websites

Ecommerce based CMS development

Multifarious Solutions

Besides, we offer a range of CMS development solutions, widely demanded by clients from assorted verticals:

Custom CMS Development & Integration

Third party CMS Integration

Browser based UI

Configurable editors for comfortable content organization

Customized editor or Integrated WYSIWYG Editor

Advanced security control integration

Custom CMS layouts, themes and plugins

Web page development using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc

With such high caliber services, Agile Continental is indeed the best to help you with your CMS development projects. Feel free to contact us for capable assistance in this very domain. Besides, we also extend our help in a range of web development and designing services for various platforms.